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    Do You Really Need a 4-Year College Degree? Some Experts Question Relevance of Bachelor Degrees

    Last updated 3 years ago

    A few days ago, an article posted in the Houston Chronicle titled, "4-year college for all?  Maybe not"  peaked our attention, and made us wonder if pursuing a license or vocational degree fairs better than a traditional 4-year college degree. According to the article, surveys conducted by Rutgers University and the Manpower Group, states, employers are having difficulties finding "middle skill" workers.  While many job opportunities are available for skilled tradesmen and machine operators, recent 4-year college graduates lack the skills and certifications necessary to fill those job gaps. The job market is understaffed in some areas but oversaturated in others, and many college graduates feel stuck and unprepared for handling the current economic landscape.

    Nancy Hoffman, vice president of Jobs for the Future, a Boston, Mass.-based nonprofit organization, made the point that, "rather than prodding everyone down the bachelor's track, schools and educators ought to beef up vocational alternatives that are quicker and lead to good careers.”  Vocational education is not an option mentioned to high school students, most high school counselors push traditional education paths that will lead to a bachelor's degree. If a student does not have the monetary resources or grades to attend a university, the local community college becomes a viable option, but with the tenet of pursuing a degree that will lead to higher education.

    James Stone, director of the National Research Center for Career & Technical Education, stated, "like manufacturing - which has a reputation as hard, dirty work - vocational education has an image problem." The fact that other educational options are not promoted when students are exploring careers and higher education options promotes the idea that vocational schools are for people that can't handle the pressures of a traditional university.  "The hardest thing for Americans to get over is the perception that a liberal arts degree is for the fancy people, and vocational education is for the leftovers," Hoffman said. "A four-year degree may not be what some young people are ready for, and it is not always the best ticket to the job market

    The article mentioned that, "About 27 percent of people with licenses or certificates make more than the average bachelor's degree recipient, and hundreds of thousands of students who enroll in bachelor's degree programs each year end up dropping out with debt and no degree".

    If you’re ready to change your life, find a new career, or find a career college that is focused on your personal and professional growth, then you can find your passion at Florida Career College.  Florida Career College is dedicated to the success of its students, and we offer education that gives you the experience and credentials to get ahead in today’s world. Visit our website see the programs we offer, such as our HVAC program, or contact us today at (888) 848-2717 to speak with an admissions representative today.

    One of Florida Career College's New Programs: Physical Therapist Assistant

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Working in the healthcare field is exciting and rewarding.  One occupation that is particularly engaging is being a physical therapist assistant.  Watch this video for an overview of Florida Career College’s new physical therapist assistant training program

    During the 18-month program, the skills you’ll learn include therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and range of motion.  At the end of this hands-on program, you’ll receive an associate’s degree and be ready to work in the field. 

    For more information on this and other exciting healthcare career programs, contact Florida Career College at (954) 357-0372. We offer training for physical therapist assistants, medical assistants, network administrators, cosmetologists, and many more exciting careers.

    4 Exciting Careers in the Healthcare Field

    Last updated 3 years ago

    As technology progresses and the baby boomer generation reaches old age, the need for healthcare professionals is increasing exponentially.  If helping others is your calling, then now is the time to find the appropriate career college and work towards achieving your goals.  Here are four exciting careers in the healthcare field that are well within your reach:

    1.      Medical Assistant

    Medical assistants are the unsung heroes of the medical field.  Medical assistants work closely with a small group of physicians to facilitate the efficient treatment of patients.  Assistants will often take vitals, prepare histories, draw blood, and more.

     2.      Medical Office Administrator

    Much like medical assistants, office administrators maintain the smooth operation of a medical office.  However, office administrators are responsible for most clerical tasks that require a deep knowledge of medical terms and the insurance world.  An office administrator’s daily tasks are constantly changing, making this a great field for someone who loves dynamic role.

     3.      Nurse

    If you’re looking for a career that will fully immerse you into the healthcare world, then nursing should be among your top considerations.  Nurses are on the forefront of patient care in a fast-moving environment, such as a hospital.  If you’re an extremely passionate person who can perform well under pressure, then a career in nursing may reward you with an immense sense of satisfaction, solid pay, and exceptional job security.

     4.      Massage Therapist

    Age-old practices, such as massage therapy, are finally emerging as legitimate, effective forms of treatment among the scientific community.  To be part of this new field of alternative medicine, consider an education in massage therapy.  To become a massage therapist, you’ll spend a great deal of time in both hands-on and academic settings learning about the way the body functions and what you can do to relieve stress and pain.

    For more information about these and other exciting careers, contact Florida Career College at (954) 357-0372.  We pride ourselves on giving individuals the training they need to succeed in a fruitful, fulfilling career.

    Career Profile: Nursing

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If you’re dedicated to helping others and are compassionate about the value of human life, then nursing may be the perfect career for you. To learn more about this invaluable occupation, read the following career profile:

    Job Description

    Nurses are the primary medium through which patients interface with the medical field.  Although doctors dispense official diagnoses and are responsible for performing surgery, nurses are constantly on hand to care for patients.  Nurses’ duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Providing emotional support to patients and their families
    • Dispensing treatment and administering medication
    • Taking a patient’s vitals for diagnostic purposes
    • Observing and recording a patient’s changing health and reporting to doctors
    • Educating the public on various diseases and illnesses

    Ideal Candidates

    The ideal nurse is made up of many great qualities.  Above all, a great nurse will maintain unwavering compassion for others.  This job’s core philosophy revolves around helping others, even if it means putting in extra hours in a stressful environment.  Nurses should have fantastic interpersonal skills as well.  When patients arrive at the hospital for treatment, they are likely nervous and afraid:  Part of being a proper caretaker is calming these patients and making them feel safe as they receive medical attention.  A high-quality nurse will also perform well under pressure, be extremely organized and punctual, and pay special attention to details.

    Salary and Job Security

    With 2.6 million jobs and a median salary of around $62,000, the job prospects for nurses are some of the most promising in the country.  Even in this down economy, registered nurses should have no trouble finding a great job. The prolific job openings for nurses is expected to increase over the next few years as the baby boomer generation reaches old age and requires intense care.

    While becoming a nurse is no simple task, with dedication, focus, and the right career college, you can succeed and lead a rewarding professional life.  For a career college in Florida that provides everything from cosmetology school services to thorough nursing training programs, contact Florida Career College.  Call (954) 357-0372 for more information.

    Resources for Discovering a Career in Healthcare

    Last updated 3 years ago

    ·         If you’re not sure that you have the qualities that make a great nurse, then take a look at this list.


    ·         For an in-depth look at the salaries offered to registered nurses, read through this overview from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  


    ·         Massage therapy is truly emerging as a scientifically supported form of medical treatment, as demonstrated on this page.


    ·         Read this page from the American Association of Medical Assistants to learn if this career is right for you.

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